Application Checklist

Refinancing your current mortgage is a great way to save money over the term of your loan.  Getting complete information on the front end will help speed up the refinance process and lead to an easier closing. Use our checklist to make sure you have all the proper documentation needed to expedite your loan:

In addition to the typical loan application items, you will be asked to provide the following for a refinance:

  • Your current mortgage information including copies of mortgage statement
  • Your homeowners insurance
  • The property tax bill 
  • If you have a copy of prior closing documents, we may be able to help save you even more money

Typical Items for Loan Application:

  • Social Security Number – yours and anyone else who is named on the current loan
  • A record of all your recurring monthly expenses – car payments, credit cards, etc. Be sure to include the outstanding balances, minimum monthly payments and the name and addresses of each creditor.
  • A list of all employers for the past two years along with contact information (phone and address)
  • The address for your place of residence for the past two years. If renting, include name and contact information of landlord.
  • A list of any other real estate you may own. Be sure to include the addresses, current market value of each property and the loan information (loan amount, monthly payment amount, lender’s name and contact information, etc.).

Once you decide to move forward with your Reliant Refinance, you may be asked to provide the following additional items:

  • Your last two payroll stubs which show your year to date earnings
  • Original W-2 forms for the past year. A current profit and loss statement and balance sheet are needed for self-employed individuals
  • Your two most recent bank statements for all checking, savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, etc.